A.) Yeah, Im gonna go ahead & take the word of certified, award winning, scientists….
B.) Hard science does not lie.

– I dont speculate on the who’s, how’s, or why’s.. Nor do I like or encourage other who do. I feel it is this speculation.. Along w/ outrageous (& often insulting) ‘conspiracy theories’ (like the ‘noo plane’ theory, & those which accuse Isreal etc.) do nothing to ‘help’ the truth movement, & if anything hurt & discredit it quite alot!
All I know is that the events that happened that day have not been made clear, or explained, in any honest open credible way (not to the american people at least).. And it seems that our gov. has no intention of looking into it, finding out what REALLY did go down, & answering (or trying to answer) the questions that the people have.

This is something I have a big BIG problem with!


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