The Power of Connectivity VS. My Lack of Drive & Technical Illiteracy

As I was looking up info on a recent social issue thats making headlines, doing a google image search, I stumbled across the coolest little blog of someones here on WordPress.. Since I liked their style, & topics which they had blogged about, I decided to subscrib/or ‘follow’ it. — Then it hit me.. Geesh Nuar (thats me), YOU have one of these too, why dont you start actually USING it for a change, instead of jst dicking around on FaceBook. (Cuz, while I dig ‘the Book’ & all, a blog can reach a vastly larger audience, potentially.) These blogs, when done correctly, have the power of newspapers (in reaching the kinda people equal to that of a small town paper, at least).. And darn-it if I dont got stuff to say – to the world, in general – & its GOOD. 😉

I guess the main hindering point I’ve had in blogging is that I aint altogether familiar & comfortable w/ the whole set-up & how it all works yet.. So it ends up taking me awhile to post like videos AND commentary AND pictures, & then have the layout for it all look correct etc.. Causing me to not even wanna bother more often then not. — However.. In viewing that blog earlier, I realized I could still totally post simple little blurbs/thoughts/etc w/ jst like maybe one little picture or something, hella easily – even remotely frm my phone & shit too.

So I’ve decided to try to utilize this remarkable, potentially powerful, wonderful tool I have available to me, & not jst squander it.. I will try to begin posting more regularly. (Understanding that they all need not be EPIC, & perfect.. And something is still better than nothing.)

Cheers! ~N